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Shameless fangirl. Flits from fandom to fandom with caprice but without malice. Loves Victoriana, steampunk, military history, books, strong black coffee, industrial music, metal, j-pop, k-pop, trashy pop, Lady Gaga, tattoos and piercings (particularly on attractive men), words, poetry, manga, Ancient Greece and Rome, Oscar Wilde and the smell of vanilla.

Saiyuki * Bleach * Godchild * DOGS: Bullets and Carnage * Are You Alice? * BLOOD+ * Cantarella * Angel Snctuary * Yellow * FAKE * Junjou Romantica * Vampire Knight * Junjou Romantica * Ouran High School Host Club * Final Fantasy VII/VIII * Devil May Cry * Nightrunner * The Gentlemen Bastard Sequence * Obernewtyn

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