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they call me heartbreaker, i don't want to deceive ya 
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Soooo, the FINAL CHAPTER of Cantarella, which is one of my FAVOURITE SERIES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD has come out. So this is my question to the world: WHY IS NOBODY SCANLATING THIS SERIES? Seriously. I can't find it anywhere. It's not as if it isn't popular either! It's not Bleach or anything, but I know people like it and this is the big finish. The big finish to ten volumes of angst and drama and pretty men with swords, after a long period of hiatus. I can't decide whether it would be worse to dl the RAWs and not understand them, or just wait until it's either released in English (if it's released in English) or somebody finally decides they want to scanlate the bloody thing. *sighs* It's not as if I don't know what's going to happen, it is a historical series afterall, but I'm so attached to the characters, I just want to know what is being said!

I...I don't know how it happened, but the Taoi Cruz song 'Heartbreaker' somehow got associated with Byakuya. I have no idea why. Possibly because I've been toying with writing something with Byakuya more as the sexual agressor than my usual modus operandi, which tends to be him as the more reluctant or submissive partner. Idk.

I'm currently cranky because I have a lot of fic ideas, but I can't seem to actually write them. I sit down to do so and I just can't find the words. Maybe because I've been a bit stressed out about RL, which always crushes my writing mojo. However, following hearing the song 'My First Kiss' by 3oh!3 feat. Ke$ha on the radio, I have this urge to write a fic with the WIP title 'My first kiss went a little like this...' So, as a discussion topic for my Bleach-loving friends...any ideas for who various characters kissed first?

Does anyone else have issues writing smut? I just find that while I'm willing to imply almost anything, I have real difficulties actually writing very graphic sex scenes, and I was wondering whether anybody else has/has had a similar problem. It's not that I object to graphic smut, I read plenty of graphic smut, I just have issues writing it. I don't know whether it's because I'm uncomfortable with how much of a dirty mind I have or what. :p Just curious as to whether any other fic writers feel the same way. Possibly you do not. Probably this is just me being a nutcase.

For example, I have this KenShuu fic idea I've been playing with, but it's quite dirty/kinky, and I just can't seem to write out the sex scenes. I know what happens exactly, but I just can't get it down. I don't know if it's because I'm uncomfortable with how much porn my mind can generate (the remnants of 12 years of religious education, mayhap? :p), or something like that.

So basically, just wanted to get other opinions on the writing of smut. You can tell me I'm crazy/paranoid/weird. You probably wouldn't be wrong. :p
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I have issues with smut.

I hope that for those who read my writing, that's not incredibly obvious. But I have to work *hard* to get it to a level I'm comfortable with - by which I mean, a level that I consider decent, not necessarily my own personal comfort level. The only couple I've ever had smut come easily with, curiously, has been KaienShuu (I'm working on a Candy 'Verse fic right now and lord, I have most of the sex stuff down already, plot notwithstanding).

I have to make sure that in my effort to ease smut-writing for myself I don't rely too much on euphemism. Like you, I'm willing to imply a lot, but I fear I depend on the reader's imagination too much and I seek to remedy that. Maybe that's why I like writing characters like Byakuya so much; in my mind,the...often indirect and circumscribed way he approaches lovemaking, even his inner thoughts, jives with how I like to write that sort of thing.

But a lot of times after I write my smut scenes I go through and giggle when I realize how full of *allusions*, they are, more telling than showing, and I have to remedy those things even when it makes me blush and I feel like it might be too direct. But it's usually not. I overestimate that a lot, I think - "oh, my god, this is incredibly porny" when it's really "eh, this isn't too porny."

In other words: you are not alone.

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Phew, I am so glad I am not alone. It's very reassuring.

It certainly isn't obvious when I read your writing; you write smut so damn well, I am constantly astonished. You always seem to find the perfect balance between being graphic and leaving enough to the imagination. (I am very excited about that, let me just say, I cannot wait.)

I think I probably rely too much on euphemisms. Depsite the fact I've written a fair bit of NC-27, I avoid using graphic/anatomical language like the plague. :p It took me about two years to actually get to the point of using 'cock' in a fic. Hmm, yes, I understand that. I do find writing more circumspect characters easier, probably because then the my own reticence fits better with the actual character, like you say.

Yeah, I suspect I panic over nothing, I just get paranoid about it. I think there might be a generous dollop of 'OMG I'm an 18 year old girl and I'm writing graphic man on man smut, I am obviously disturbed' in my reaction, which I'm trying to get beyond. At least it gives me something to work on in my writing.

I appreciate the rambling. It's nice to think I am not alone.
(Deleted comment)
14 5 10 (UTC)
I was reading blood_crow's fic again, and it was making me want more Akon. Possibly because I have this bad, wrong, inappropriate and unhealthy thing for guys who smoke, because I really like the smell of cigarettes.

Oh you so can! I have read you write sex, and it was good. :p But I know the stuck feeling. I have it in technicolour in my head, I know exactly how it all plays out, but as soon as I try to write it, it gets stuck somewhere between my brain and the keyboard.

Usually it's not an issue, because I wort of skirt around it and write random, wordy introspective pieces so I don't have to write actual porn, but I have this ridiculously porny KenShuu idea which now will not put itself on the paper.

Possibly because somewhere in my subconscious, something has realised that the world does not need PWP featuring Kensei cajoling Shuu into his old Academy uniform after finding out he used to fantasise about them together when he was younger, and the shenanigans that then ensue.

*is shot*

Thankyou, I am feeling less of a spaz after hearing other people have similar issues. ♥
15 5 10 (UTC) - driveby comment...
Reading my fic again?! I didn't even know that you did before!

And you love the smell of cigarettes?! Ahaha! Is it ironic that I totally loathe cigarette stench, and am still in love with Akon and the way he looks when he smokes?
15 5 10 (UTC) - Re: driveby comment...
I am so busted for being lazy and not commenting, aren't I? :p

Can I make amends for it by saying that even though I don't really like Grimmjow that much, it is an awesome fic? And by promising in future to comment properly? *penitent face*

Yes, I know, I'm really weird. :p I just really like it. I'm the weird person who inhales deeply while everyone else is going 'eeeeeew'. It's why I've never actually tried smoking; I'm too scared that I might really like it to try it.

It may be ironic, but it is totally understandable.
15 5 10 (UTC) - Re: driveby comment...
Oh hells, don't even worry about it! I'm happy enough knowing that you read it at all! My RenStarrk? Have you looked at that one too? I can imagine if you are a devote ByaRen fan, which I'm not sure if you are or if you're flexible...

D'awww, and Grimmjow happens to be my most favorite X3 He's just a big kitty to me, a fluffy ball of fur that needs to be pet and adored ♥

I probably hate cigarettes because a certain family member used to smoke around me and I hated him and the smell gave me a headache >:|

That said, smoking looks sexy, and for some reason it just seems natural to write boys smoking. Lol! Even the ones who don't smoke, I want to stick a cigarette in their mouths when they're chillaxin'.
15 5 10 (UTC) - Re: driveby comment...

I haven't, I keep meaning to though. I will get to it. Soon. :p I am a fairly devoted ByaRen fan, but that doesn't actually stop me from shipping them with almost everyone else, depending on my fancies on any given day.

Tehe, I don't know why I don't like Grimmjow that much. On occasion I just decide to arbitrarily dislike a character, and it's really hard to convince me out of it. Like poor Hakkai in Saiyuki, who I dislike without any real reason at all. Grimmjow is growing on me a bit though.

Ah, that's understandable. I don't know why I like it so much, clearly I missed 18 years of 'smoking is bad' advertising.

LOL, yeah, that is so true.
16 5 10 (UTC) - Re: driveby comment...
Byakuya might end up involved in their relationship anyway, so... hehe.

AND YOU PICKED GRIMMJOW OF ALL PEOPLE DX Why not someone I don't necessarily care about, like Nnoitra?!

It's fine though, we all have our likes and dislikes :)
17 5 10 (UTC) - Re: driveby comment...
Oooooh, intriguing. I am intrigued.

LOL, yes, I don't seem to have any control over it. :p I don't have any control over my random loves as well - there'll be some secondary character who nobody cares about and I will just decide they are the most awesome thing ever to grace the pages of a manga series/novel and become completely obsessed. :p
17 5 10 (UTC) - Re: driveby comment...
8D I'm glad! You can never be sure if someone's gonna be down for a little polygamy.

Now that you say that, I realize that I go for the underdog, or the characters who don't have any glory. Like Akon, we hardly ever see him, so he has no glory. Renji is the proclaimed underdog of the series, and I'd even consider Grimmjow an underdog. He was constantly fighting to be at the top of the food chain so he wouldn't be an underdog, and even then he ended up being one. Ranking sixth -- in the middle of the pack when he wants to be alpha -- the only Espada to have his number taken away from him, and then beaten to a pulp by Ichigo. Oh yea, I'd never really thought about it before, but Grimmjow is his own breed of underdog. Or should I say undercat, hahahaha XD

Not to mention that so many people don't like him, I'm realizing... WHICH ONLY FUELS MY FIRE >:D

And I also took a liking to Starrk because so many people were hating on him, and that throws him into the 'no glory' category for me.
(Deleted comment)
17 5 10 (UTC)
I like your interpretation. Your interpretation sounds really, really sexy. xD

I never flatter, I speak only the truth.

LOL, we'll see. I keep trying to write it and then stopping. At some point I'll just bite the bullet and do it, probably when butterflygirl_3 finally gets sick of me complaining about it and just bullies me until I write it all. :p Or when the image of Shuu in that uniform becomes too tempting for me to continue to resist.

(Deleted comment)
13 5 10 (UTC)
Haha, don't sweat the smut writing! ;) As one of those people that write NC917 (heh) it's just a personal preference.

For example: I can write total boy on boy smut till the cows come home in explicate detail. You ask me to write het smut, it just isn't happening. I get embarrassed LOL I examined myself over this the other month, why can't I write het smut? The answer: it's too close to home ;) Writing slash is all in my head and imagination, whereas het smut would be more 'real' ;)

Anyway, I got on a tangent there. I know some awesome writers (yourself included) who don't write in great detail with teh cock. I know awesome writers who do. It doesn't matter. Your stuff is hot enough without needing the details! I personally, am not able to write where by I 'hint' stuff. I also cannot write fluff, which is why you get paint by numbers from me ;)

It's all a matter of preference. It doesn't mean you are any less better than those that lay it all out there, it just means you have a different style of writing and comfort level. Doesn't make it a less 'good' fic ;)

Wow. That was long winded! ♥
14 5 10 (UTC)
Tehe, and you write it so well. ;)

Yeah, I feel exactly the same about het smut. And to an extent about yuri as well, I guess. Yaoi has that safe distance.

Aw, thankyou. My frustration at the moment comes from the fact that I have a couple of fics in the work that require more detail regarding teh cock, because they're predominantly PWP, so it's annoying when I can't actually seem to write anything decently graphic. We shall see how it goes. I think part of it stems from the fact it irks me when I feel like a flailing teenage girl. There's this voice in my head yelling 'IT'S JUST SEX, GET A GRIP AND WRITE THE DAMN SCENE.':p

Not at all, that was great. Very reassuring. ♥
15 5 10 (UTC)
Oh hell, you should have seen me flailing the first time I wrote the sex LOL You could have fried an egg on my face...actually make that a full english breakfast! XDDD

If you want, post your PWP my way if you want me to take a look at it and offer suggestions or just another set of eyes ;)

Alternatively, do what I ended up doing: roll up your sleeves, have a few drinks, and MAKE yourself write the cock. *hugs* Trust me, the pain goes away after the first hour of flailing.... ;) ♥
15 5 10 (UTC)
LOL, you have such a way with words.

Thanks, I may just do that, when I finally get the damn thing written. :)

Now I have this great mental image of me marching determinedly to the liquor cabinet, getting out a bottle of gin and sitting down in front of the laptop with the air of a woman about to go into battle. :p
15 5 10 (UTC)
HAHA that's pretty much what I did. With the following adendum:

Okay self, you are going to sit down, and you are going to put Gojyo's cock in Sanzo's ass. Sanzo will enjoy it. He might possibly scream. Gojyo will probably get sweaty, and very naked and hot looking. You will enjoy this.

Pep talks are awesome. So's the gin! LOLOL
15 5 10 (UTC)
ROFL, I love the adendum. I suspect I will have to compose a similar pep talk. Or I'll just use yours. That might work. I see no reason to come up with my own when you've done it for me. :p

And it would make me write 53 again.
15 5 10 (UTC)
Please feel free to use my pep talk LOL

See, alcohol is perfect. I have had three glasses of wine. You have mentioned the possibility of 53. I am (drunkenly) moved to start you off on the shifty, narrow path of total NC17 porndom. As follows:

Sanzo wound his hand in Gojyo's hair, the strands sliding through his fingers. He shifted his hips slightly, silently urging Gojyo on.

He could feel the slight brush of Gojyo's knuckles against his ass and the blunt press of his cock against his entrance. Gojyo shifted forward on his knees, pushing Sanzo's thighs up and out, exposing him.

Sanzo could hear his own sharp pants, almost panic breathing, tight in the top of his chest, the anticipation coursing though his veins....

Okay so perhaps three glasses of wine is too much LOL Stick with your gin ;)

So...53? LOL ♥
15 5 10 (UTC)
Fffff, you are way too good at porn. :p

I will have to stick to gin though, because I have a horror of wine. Unfortunate incident involving mass consumption of red wine followed by excessive consumption of straight gin has rendered me unable to even look at red wine.

LOL, I suspect 53 is probably forthcoming now.
13 5 10 (UTC)
I don't write smut. I'm always worried it won't turn out as nice in text as it is in my head, so I waffle with it until I just don't do it. But I can imply like a madwoman.
15 5 10 (UTC)
Implication is awesome, half the time I find implication sexier than actual porn. Doesn't stop me from wanting to be able to write porn, just because it pisses me off that I can't do it, even if I don't usually want to. :p

Yeah, I'm difficult like that. :p
13 5 10 (UTC)
Ah Cantarella. I haven't read it in aaages, precisely because no one is scanlating it and I pretty much refuse to read things I won't understand. So someone should scanlate it, so I can read it, reject it and replace it with my own happier reality :P.

As for the fic stuff, I don't feel I am qualifed to comment on it.
15 5 10 (UTC)
LOL, yeah, I intend to do that too. In fact, I writing a version in my head with no Lucrezia. Because she's STUPID.

You are totally qualifies, as we established the other night. Remeber that Ludwig smut I was writing on msn when I was trying to make myself use the word 'cock'? You may not remember, it was a while ago.

Is Lady not puuuurrty in this dp?
15 5 10 (UTC)
lol, yes, good plan. Good plan. She is indeed rather stupid.

Heh. I do remember that, because I was like 'Do eeeeeeet' and trying to coax you along. Like good semes should.:P

Lady is super pretty. As always. *envy* It's a nice icon too. xD I will have to use my Lady icon now.
17 5 10 (UTC)
Sancia is alright, I have no particular objection to Sancia beyond her making me ship incest. :p I might even buy Cesare/Alfonso/Sancia. I'm not sure though. That might be an undue perversion of a beautiful love. I unduly pervert beautiful love on an alarmingly regular basis.

LOL, yes, indeed you were, indeed you were. And I was blushing and protesting like a good uke should.

Ah Lady. I am not a lesbian, but I would so go there. :p Your Lady icon is excellent too. Lady is just generally excellent. In yo video games, slaying yo demons. With a perfect mixture of sass, class, and ass.
17 5 10 (UTC)
I do quite like Sancia actually. Even if she does make me ship incest something terrible. Damn her. I would probably buy it also actually. Ffff. Undue perversion. Do it all the time. :P

I'm still like 'Do eeeeet'. You know I enjoy blushing.

Yeah. She's still sexier than Trish I am sorry. I maintain that opinion. And will do so on into the future. Yes. That's exactly what she has. I also enjoy the rhyming.
13 5 10 (UTC)
Oh oh!! I want to play the kissing game! Only I'm a little confused about the directions D:

I kind of have issues writing smut... I don't know, I feel like I must have had troubles writing it, but now that I'm here talking about it, I can't think of any particular fic that I had trouble with it. I know that I have trouble writing het smut, haha, simply because I get really graphic with it and it kind of embarrasses me =X

Writing graphic yaoi? That doesn't embarrass me as much, but sometimes I will write a sentence and then blush at myself for the plain crudeness of it *glares at Grimmjow*
13 5 10 (UTC)
LOL, well, there are very few directions. More just a 'so, anyone have any theories for the circumstances under which each character got their first kiss.' I, for example, think Rukia and Renji kissed each other back when they were much, much younger, in a cute, awkward kind of way. But I'm curious as to who everyone thinks was, for example, Shuu's first kiss.

...I probably should stop listening to bad pop music and coming up with fic premises based upon it. :p

Tehe, that Grimmjow has a mouth on him. I don't really write het smut, but to the extent I do I have a similar problem. Though in the case of het, it's more that it's too close to home and I get embarassed writing it. Whereas with yaoi it's different...oh, Lord knows what goes on in my brain. :p
13 5 10 (UTC)
Alright, alright. *rubs hands together* I agree with you on Renji and Rukia.

Kira. I think that Kira got his first kiss when he was fairly young, before he entered the academy. He 'stumbled upon' the red light district of Rukongai (c'mon, he's a boy and he was curious), and he lost his virginity that night, too.

Grimmjow's first kiss was Mila Rosa, though it was more a gnashing of teeth and growling and trying to make the other person bleed more than an actual 'kiss'. Then after that nothin' much happened, and he didn't blink an eye when he found out she'd died at FKT.

13 5 10 (UTC)
Shit, I hit send before I was done!!!


Kensei's first kiss would've been Kuukaku, but Kaien stole it from them both.

Yumichika's first kiss was a nice girl that worked in tea house he frequented before Ikkaku. She had a crush on him, and he indulged her. But after that kiss he realized that he really did prefer men, lol.

(I might think of more later >:])

Yea, I think that's what it is about het. When I write it I get the weird feeling that I'm writing myself, so it embarrasses me. And I feel like if I post it, people will read it and connect it directly to me when they wouldn't when I write m/m slash, haha XD;;

That said, I don't seem to have a problem with writing yuri. I've written a few very graphic yuri scenarios, and it doesn't embarrass me nearly as much as het.
13 5 10 (UTC)
When I read the Kaien/Kensei suggestion, I had this vivid image in my head of Kaien telling Kensei that 'if you're going to kiss my sister you have to kiss me first'. :p

(Random question; Kensei would be older than Kaien, right? Or not? Timelines, they do not operate in my mind.)

/random OOCness

Hmm, you're good at this. I am probably going to kidnap these ideas and put them into the fic. Though all these boys kissing girls is annoying, damnit. I'm going to have to write lots of het. :p Actually, I don't mind writing het, as long as I don't have to write actual smexing.

Yeah, I agree, I feel like if I post graphic het it's going to be the equivalent of posting self-insert sexual fantasies, even if that's not what the fic actually is. Makes me feel like Laurel K Hamilton. :p That reference will make no sense if you haven't read her books, damn...

I've never really written yuri, so I'm not really qualified to comment there. There are a few girlxgirl pairings I don't mind, but I just find it really hard to conceptualise how the character dynamics would work.
14 5 10 (UTC)
OMG YES!!! And then I doubt he'd wait for Kensei's assent, he'd just go in for the kill ;D

(Hmm... they seemed to be around the same age in the TBtP arc, but I get the feeling that Kensei's older.)

LOL I'm sorry!! All the het was a surprise for me, too. But I liked the het for Yumi because it's unexpected, and I'd already plotted the Kensei/Kuukaku thing. Also, who's to say that Kira didn't go to a male brothel, ne?

Exactly! But when I write smut (whether if it's yaoi, het, or yuri) it never has anything to do with my own fantasies. Do I dream of being slapped around and punched in the jaw and tore into like a cat-scratching post like Grimmjow does with Akon? Pfft, NO! When I'm writing porn I'm writing what my character's want, not what I want. So maybe I can bring myself to write het if I knew that my readers understood that? Lol.

I used to only be into m/m slash, but I've gotten more into het and yuri these past few months because I support love on all fronts. I think that I could get into it as much as yaoi if only the Bleach women were as awesome as the men. Unfortunately, I feel that they fall short... Though I will admit that I have a total lesbian crush on Yoruichi after the last chapter, haha!
14 5 10 (UTC)

*pets Kensei* I'm sorry, muffin. I just like to see you suffer. And Kaien all up on your lips would be a delightful sight.

(Yeah, I figured he'd be a bit older too. Tehe, Kaien, seducing the older boys.)

Tehe, yes, good point, good point. It could indeed have been a male brothel.

Precisely, half my fic involving sex seems to involve characters smacking each other around first and lord knows what else. Like you, I'm writing what I think the character would like, but yes, I wish readers could be guaranteed to understand that, especially in the case of het. Maybe I just need to put some sort of disclaimer on it? 'The following material does not in any way reflect the actusl sexual desires of the authoress.' Preferably an audio clip spoken in one of those 'warning announcement' type female voices.


Yeah, I support love on all fronts, I just find there are fewer het/yuri pairings I'm into. The thing I find with yuri is that for whatever reason (possibly the fact I'm not into girls), I just don't find it 'hot' per se, so I'm more inclined towards lower rating/plot driven stuff. I don't know if I could get into it as much as I'm into yaoi, but then again, once upon a time I was very anti-yaoi. It was a long time ago. A long time ago.

LOL, Yoruichi is awesome. I may or may not have a bit of a crush on Lady from Devil May Cry, despite my above insistence I'm not into girls. :p I can't help that she's badass.
14 5 10 (UTC)

(Seducing older boys is totally Kaien's favorite pastime. Trufax.)

I'm with you on that, het and yuri don't really excite me. Boy love gets me all hot and bothered, but girl love... well I've been reading foxflare's Brown Leafed Vertigo fic (which is mostly yaoi), and there was a little yuri that made me all smiles. It's like yuri just makes me happy, whereas yaoi turns me on, hehe. I think yaoi is hot and sexy, and yuri is just cute. And as for het? Well... het seems to be my last resort. I prefer both yaoi and yuri to het.

I'll admit I'm 'curious' about girls, but I think it's more so being able to appreciate the beauty of woman. I can look at a girl (like Yoruichi xP) and think 'oh she's pretty/sexy' but I don't necessarily want to do her like I'd want to do Renji. Haha!
15 5 10 (UTC)

(Ohohohoho, I'll bet.)

Tehe, yes, I know exactly what you mean. Boylove is indeed a sure fire route to hot and bothered, whereas generally yuri makes me go 'naaaw' and het generally just irritates me. Possibly because I'm bitter even in my youth. :p

Yeah, I feel that. I've been known to weird my friends out by saying 'Whoa, she's really hot/sexy/fine' etc etc, because they don't understand that I can say that without meaning 'I want to bang her.' :p Also, who wouldn't want to do Renji? *fangirly sigh*
15 5 10 (UTC)

I'm bitter in my youth too! It seems to be a theme around lj :P Het is just so... so stereotypical to me. Like the girl needs to act this way because she's the girl, and the boy needs to act that way because he's the boy. I just hate all the gender roles that are employed in the majority of het.

Exactly~! Though, admittedly, if a girl as awesome as Yourichi tried to kiss me, I might let her out of pure curiosity, haha!
13 5 10 (UTC)
haha, I hardly ever write smut, but that's mostly because I'm so terrible at it. Everything sounds stupid or awkward, and it's nowhere near as sexy as other people make it sound, and I swear it's the same boring thing every single time. No matter how clearly I imagine it in my head, in text it's just ridiculous. So I normally stick to reading smut instead of writing it. xD hell sometimes when I read porn I can't believe people actually wrote/kept certain sentences because jesus christ they sound so silly. and that's even in good porn.
14 5 10 (UTC)
Yeah, I find a lot of the language can just make me snort with laughter. It's so hard to make it sound sexy/realistic and not absolutely ridiculous.

LOL, yes, me too. It's a good system. xD

I know exactly what you mean.
15 5 10 (UTC)
I dunno how some people can find some stuff sexy. But then maybe I'm being too realistic in my hopes for written porn. xD

Except for times when you can find porn for specific pairings you want, alas.
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